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The Caribbean Industrial Research Institute (CARIRI) is a primary agency of the Government of Trinidad and Tobago with responsibility for developing the country’s technological base via the provision of technical and technology-based support services to the public and private sectors, encompassing both manufacturing and services. The Institute was established in 1970 as an initiative of the Government of Trinidad and Tobago with financial and technical support from the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO). It was incorporated under Act of Parliament no. 19 of 1971, which was subsequently amended by Act no. 33 of 1981. 


Although established with funding from the Government and the aforementioned international agencies, at the outset the Institute’s mandate catered for the provision of services to the Caribbean region. Traditionally, the Institute’s service base has been quite diverse, comprising the provision of laboratory-based analytical and engineering services (testing utilizing state-of-the-art, internationally accredited facilities), as well as associated consultancy support, training and applied Research and Development (primarily investigative/developmental work). The base was expanded in 2014 with the establishment of CARIRI’s flagship development, the Centre for Enterprise Development (CED). 


Presently, the Institute provides a range of technology/technology based support services to the public and private sectors, encompassing Laboratory testing/analytical services via our St Augustine and Macoya laboratory facilities.  The Institute provides Research, Entrepreneurship, Innovation, Development (REID) and ICT Consultancy Services through our Innovation Ecosystem at the Centre for Enterprise Development (CED), Freeport.

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CARIRI is synonymous with technology and innovation, supported by a team of experts who provide exceptional quality service in their line of business.Creating and impacting significantly on the growth and development of our organisation(KC Confectionery Limited), while creating a clear perspective for the expanding industry and strategies for the small medium enterprise
Dianne Ramcharan
Quality Management Systems, KC Confectionery Limited
We, Asa Wright Nature Centre, situated at Spring Hill Estate in the Arima Valley appreciate CARIRI for their dedicated and professional service in testing our spring water for more than 6 years. We value their reports and recommendations and would, without hesitation recommend them for professional water testing quality
Veronica Simon–Wallace
Chief Executive Officer, Asa Wright Nature Centre
I have had interaction with CARIRI…and I must state that the Customer Service received was very welcoming. The persons spoken to were willing and happy to accommodate us with impromptu tours and answer our questions without hesitation and did not show that we were an unannounced disturbance in any way. The knowledge and services that CARIRI offers is wide and very intense and detailed. I look forward to seeing your organization grow and improve and the drive for excellence is pursued
Vanessa Ahyew
Water and Sewerage Authority

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