Who we are

CARIRI is a primary agency of the Government of Trinidad and Tobago with the responsibility for developing the country’s technological base via the provision of technical and technology-based support services. The service base spans analytical, engineering and technology services, as well as associated consultancy support, training and capacity building for innovation. CARIRI ICT is an agile software development team dedicated to developing solutions for industries across Trinidad and Tobago. Our cross domain experts engage in full end to end software development, adhering to every facet of the Agile Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC). We innovate solutions by harnessing organizations existing resources, business logic and emerging technologies to deliver solutions geared towards resolving their most complex business and operational challenges.

What we do


Data analytics is the science of winning. Data, backed by solid science tells us everything we need to know, to make the best decisions that we can. Whether your data environment needs a makeover or you need to get more out of your current systems we can create an analytics solution using your existing data and systems. We focus on delivering custom business analytics with rich interactive dashboards featuring your main KPIs while applying some data science to introduce some predictive elements. Let us leverage our team of experts and build an intelligent solution to make your data work for you!


Need to exchange information with your customers? How about your internal and external stakeholders? Maybe you need an app! …. Is it a mobile app? a web app? a front end application? a database? what’s the difference?

Let us leverage our cross domain expertise to design, build, test and deploy your custom solution using the best technical fit. We use various frameworks to develop apps delivering rich user experiences. Our development involves community and in-house testing and the expertise to deploy on both the android and app stores.


Need a basic website? We’ve got you covered! Do you have your content ready? Our experts can deliver a web presence to your business in one short sprint. Maybe you need something more advanced.

Our team will leverage the best of e-commerce web development to deliver an e-commerce solution for your business. Web apps have various roles. Maybe you need a front end to collect data or a promotional app for web audiences.


Testing is integrated in everything we do. Our test and quality engineers engage in full cycle smart software testing.

Collaborative mind-maps assists our team in executing test cases during development to detect and correct possible gaps before the end of a development sprint.

Usability and functionality tests utilizing your stakeholders and our stakeholders are performed prior to all our solution deployments.

Our Process

Years Experience in bringing technological solutions to Industries across the region
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Integrating emerging Fourth Industrial Revolution technologies in our solution development.
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Experts devoted to multidisciplinary projects
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Dedicated to Client Satisfaction

Hayden Charles

ICT/IT Programme Leader
Mr. Charles is the champion of our ICT team and the fearless leader on our journey in the national thrust to provide technical and industrial services to public and private industrial enterprises across Trinidad and Tobago as enshrined in our Act of Incorporation. Decorated with more than sixteen years of solid experience in the ICT sector, Mr. Charles has led the team since inception fostering innovation by promoting the adoption of emerging technologies and facilitating access to cutting-edge tools for our development projects. Mr Charles was instrumental in the development of an Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) ICT project titled “Improving the Performance of SMEs through the Application of ICT” for which he functioned as the Technical Coordinator. He oversees our team’s performance and ensures optimization in key operational areas guaranteeing that CARIRI provides the best possible customized technology solution to our clients. He is currently also the Project Chief of the CARIRI Idea Advisory Service Project titled “Bridging the Gap to Commercial Application of Innovation”. Mr Charles is the holder of an honours BSc degree in Computer Science and an MSc in Geoinformatics, with distinction. He also has extensive training in Project Management and is a Certified Internal QMS Auditor.

Lynette Akong

ICT Business Coordinator

Lynette has been developing ICT systems across various ministries and departments with the Government of Trinidad and Tobago for the past 22 years. Her area of specialty resides primarily in systems design, database development and management. During her career, she has contributed towards the development of some of our major national information systems and represented our country as a presenter at various regional and international conferences and government knowledge transfer programmes. Currently, as the ICT Business Coordinator at CARIRI, she is focused on leading our talented ICT team to develop custom software applications including mobile apps while integrating emerging technologies of the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) such as Internet of Things and Big Data. Exploring an interdisciplinary combination of technology and decision science to promote evidence-based policy is her passion. In her world it all begins and ends with data. She holds a BSc in Computer Science from the University of Hertfordshire, UK and a MSc in Geographical Information Systems from the University of Leeds, UK. The Data Science: Data to Insights professional certification from the MIT Institute for Data, Systems, and Society (IDSS) and is a PMI Agile Certified Practitioner.

Che Achoy

Web Specialist/Technologist

Che is a founding member of the ICT team and holds a BSc in Information Technology and an MSc in Network Security. Che previously worked in both the private and public sector in a number of different roles. At CARIRI his focus is on developmental projects using emerging 4IR technologies.  Che has engaged the Institute in developmental projects in VR / AR / MR, Drones and UAVs and more recently, Robotics.  Che is also team lead on Open Source Development and has developed several multi-functional platforms utilizing open source technologies.

Devindra Bachew

Data Analyst/ Technologist

Devindra has an entrepreneurial background and a keen eye for blending technologies to provide innovative solutions.  His work with the team involves solving complex challenges faced by entrepreneurs on their digitization journey.  An avid data analyst, Devindra seamlessly connects to any data source building out compelling dashboards to address problems faced in today’s challenging business environments.  Helping clients win with unique digital marketing strategies is his passion.  With a background in computer science, he is proficient in digital marketing platforms, wireless technologies, database technologies and distributed and centralized environments.  Devindra holds a BSc Computer Science, UWI.

Keon Paul

Engineer/Software Engineer/ Technologist 

Keon is a software engineer with a unique talent for custom building and seamlessly integrating front end development, web app and mobile app development into our rich analytics solutions.  Keon is focused on engineering software solutions for industry challenges using 4IR concepts and tools.  As a full stack developer, he is constantly mastering emerging technologies and has developed many unique solutions for the Institute’s clients employing technology in the most economical and sustainable way.      Keon holds a BSc in Electrical and Computer Engineering, UWI.

John Bain

Web Designer/Technologist

A highly skilled and successful ICT professional with a strong background in network infrastructure and server configuration. With over 10 years’ experience in ICT, John has an extensive record of resolving software and hardware challenges including minimizing network latency and downtime. John has over 15 years’ experience in the financial sector and has designed and implemented a networked imaging server to accomplish companywide real-time system updates, over 15 branches across Trinidad and Tobago.  John is the holder of a BSc in Information Technology and is proficient in web development platforms and game development on the Unity platform.

Sharda Ramdass

Engineer/Data Analyst/Technologist

Sharda’s passion for engineering led her into the world of programming and ultimately Network Security.  Currently, Sharda uses her engineering skills to develop custom solutions for clients across multiple sectors.  She is engaged in using the latest integrated technology stack to build simple but rich value-added software to integrate into a seamless experience that helps our clients win with their customers and business strategy.  She holds a BSc in Electrical and Computer Engineering, UWI and an MSc in Network Security, from Anglia Ruskin University, Cambridge.

Simeon Moore


Simeon is an all-round ICT team member with many proficiencies and hidden talents.  As an Engineer proficient in Power Systems, Simeon is focused on software for internal solutions and is engaged in exploring low cost IOT (Internet of Things) solutions for Industry.  Additionally, Simeon conducts ISO/IEC/IEEE 29119 Compliant Software Testing for all solutions developed by the team. He holds a BSc in Electrical and Computer Engineering, UWI.