CARIRI is honoured to have been selected by the World Association of Industrial and Technological Research Organisations (WAITRO) to be the Regional Focal Point (RFP) Co-ordinator for the Latin America and Caribbean region. 

In this capacity, and as a founding member of this prestigious body headquartered in Malaysia, we have access to the experience, technical know-how and breakthrough research of over 160 Research and Technology organisations from over 70 countries. 

We can facilitate the international linkages and high level networking that companies and governments need to put their organisations and economies on the cutting edge. 

As the RFP Co-ordinator for Latin America and the Caribbean, we prepare annual work programmes focusing on the areas of research needed most urgently by our members. We are also working to deepen collaboration among the 21 similar organisations in this region, promote linkages with other RFPs, and drive joint projects that promote the sustainable development of the region.