Stack Emissions Monitoring

CARIRI is a recognized leader in Stack Emissions monitoring on stationary combustion equipment such as boilers, furnaces, engines, heaters and turbines. Our staff are internationally trained in the relevant USEPA methods. CARIRI has earned an excellent reputation in testing for compliance using state of the art instrumentation that is well supported by the manufacturers with an emphasis on data quality and professional service.

We offer our clients:

Ambient Air Monitoring Services

CARIRI Ambient Air Monitoring provides testing and reporting of air quality for pollutants of concern. CARIRI conducts onsite monitoring using specialized instruments to measure either actively or passively concentrations of pollutants; including sulfur dioxide (SOx), nitrogen dioxide (NOx), carbon monoxide (CO), particulates (TSP, PM10, PM4 and PM2.5) and organic compounds.
Our Scope of Work is uniquely developed to meet the specific needs of our clients. CARIRI has conducted air monitoring services for clients both locally and within the Caribbean region.
Sampling results provide necessary data for compliance or modeling purposes. Onsite sampling typically requires the use of meteorological stations which run simultaneously to the ambient monitors.
Our services span from small fence line testing to large environmental studies. Monitoring is conducted using methods that are accepted by the EMA for compliance reporting to the EMA Air Pollution Rules.
Our experienced and professional staff are able to custom design monitoring programs and guide you through each phase of the monitoring exercise to ensure that results and reports fully meet your regulatory and permitting need.

Environmental Noise Monitoring

Noise is a major concern in many industrial areas, residential communities and sensitive areas. CARIRI performs environmental noise measurements to assess risk and its compliance to regulatory guidelines whilst offering practical solutions to help reduce exposure.

Our knowledgeable staff has gained extensive experience in the field and provides testing to a variety of clients, including:

  • Industrial Areas
  • General Community Sites
  • Entertainment Venues
  • Sporting and other Recreational Events

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