Every business in Trinidad and Tobago and the Caribbean has a vested interest in calculating its carbon footprint and demonstrating that it is integrating environmentally friendly practices into its operations.
Small island tourism-dependent states are particularly vulnerable to the impact of greenhouse gases. Caribbean governments are committing themselves to reducing GHGs by becoming signatories to international agreements such as the Montreal Protocol and implementing national climate change policies.

With staff trained by the Canadian Standard Association and equipped with some of the most advanced testing and monitoring instruments in the region, we can help your organization:

  • Quantify its carbon output
  • Set and attain your carbon management goals
  • Set up and implement a GHG emission accounting system to quantify and disclose your supply chain greenhouse gas emissions.

We will do this by:

  • Measuring your Organization’s Carbon Footprint using ISO 14064-1: Essentials – Greenhouse Gas Inventories for Organizations
  • Reducing your Organizational Environmental Impact using ISO 14064-2: Essentials – Greenhouse Gas Projects
  • Greenhouse Gas Validation and Verification using ISO 14064-3

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