About iGap

As part of the ongoing thrust to build capacity for Innovation on a national scale, and contribute more substantively to the achievement of the Government’s stated national goal of economic diversification, CARIRI has developed The Innovation Gap Analysis Programme (iGap).

The iGap assists with improving business processes, executing new ideas and developing business outcomes. The iGap is aimed at fostering and encouraging innovation in SME’s and in private sector enterprises to maintain their competitive advantage in the marketplace. The programme was modelled along the lines of the Danish Technological Institute’s (DTI) Innovation Agent Programme (IAP) but adapted to our local culture. The iGap’s goal is to build capacity for innovation on a national scale.

iGap’s mandate is to identify and encourage potential innovations in existing companies and address the need to develop a culture of innovation and the ingress of technology through technology transfer and business development.

How can your Business benefit?

iGap Customer Profile

  • Readiness to innovate within your organization
  • Willingness to incorporate and encourage a culture of innovation throughout your organization
  • In business 3 – 4 years or more
  • Ready and willing to think “out-of-the-box” and take some risks

iGap Team

  • CARIRI has assembled a team of innovation agents with varying skill sets and a divergence of talents to be deployed into organizations to work as knowledge brokers and conduct these innovation analyses.
  • Characterised by extensive multidisciplinary competencies and practical industry experience, the team possess expertise in consulting, marketing, chemistry, engineering, ICT, food technology, finance, manufacturing, quality standards, testing and environmental science.
  • The Innovation Agent together with the decision makers in the SME or private sector enterprise will examine the company’s processes, products, market approaches, organizational structure and strategies in order to identify opportunities for innovation.
  • The Innovation Agent helps the company view its business and innovation potential from different angles, by providing recommendations in terms of developmentalprojects along with referrals for knowledge experts and partners best suited to help the company move its innovation undertakings forward.

iGap Process

With the expertise and capabilities of the IGap team and access to industry experts from the Danish Technological Institute (DTI) and World Association of Industrial and Technological Research Organizations (WAITRO), our team is poised to assist in the development of your innovative capacity.

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