The Technology Incubator consists of partitioned bays that houses food processing equipment for demonstration of different process lines. Each process line will be licensed to suitable investors under a Technology Package. The technology package will include, but is not limited to product formulation, plant layout, equipment specifications, potential equipment suppliers, packaging specifications, profitability analysis, etc. The objective of the Technology Package is to assist investors, entrepreneurs and the wider society in developing more sustainable businesses by using locally available products. The CED and by extension, CARIRI, believes in creativity being implemented, which is our definition of Innovation and the Technology Packages allows us the opportunity to develop and create innovative process lines that will benefit all citizens of our nation.

Industries Served

Food industries

Description of Services Provided

The technology incubators serve as showcases for process lines to be licensed. Currently there are four (4) lines on showcase. These include: Garlic, Soy and Cassava and Mushrooms.

Soy Bay

The soy line produces soy milk which is used to make tofu food and yogurt. The okara, which is the fibrous residue of the soy

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Cassava Bay

The Cassava line has two primary products: cassava flour and farine. From these primary products, secondary products, such as cassola, cassava porridge, shake and bake,

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Garlic Bay

The garlic line produces primary products, namely whole peeled and minced garlic. In addition, this line supplies investors with secondary bottled products such as minced

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