Main Services

  • Water Quality Monitoring:
    • Effluent/ Wastewater
    • Natural Recreational Waters (beaches and rivers)
    • Man-made Recreational systems (swimming pools, water parks, spas)
    • Agricultural/Irrigation Water
    • Ballast Water
  • Microbiological Air Quality Management
    • Residential Mold Assessments
    • Commercial Building Mold Assessments
    • Compressed Air Monitoring 
  • Characterization of Microorganisms
    • Bacteria (aerobic and anaerobic)
    • Fungi (yeast and filamentous fungi)
  • Biodegradation testing
  • Fuel Contamination Assessment
  • Microbial Induced Corrosion Testing
  • Training
  • Research Development and Innovation

Specialized Services

  • Effluent/Wastewater Monitoring:

Our scope of testing includes the two major microbiological parameters listed in the Water Pollution Rules, 2019:

  • Five Day Biochemical Oxygen Demand test (SMEWW 5210B)
  • Faecal Coliforms (SMEWW 9222D)
  • Recreational Water Quality Monitoring

We are specialized in the collection and analysis of water from both natural (beach and rivers) and man-made (swimming pools, water parks, spas) systems for key microbiological indicators inclusive of:

  • Heterotrophic Plate Count (SMEWW 9215D)
  • Total Coliforms (SMEWW 9222 B),
  • Faecal Coliforms and Escherichia coli (SMEWW 9222D), and
  • Enterococcus (SMEWW 9230 C).

Recreational Water Quality Certification:

Our certificates are issued to swimming pool and water park operators desirous of demonstrating to patrons their ability to maintain continuously compliance with strict water quality guidelines. The certificate covers are range of microbiological and physiochemical parameters in accordance with international best practices, and is done on a periodic basis.



Blue Flag Monitoring Programme:

We support such initiatives locally and regionally by offering a range of services which align to the Blue Flag criteria:


Beach water quality parameters:

Escherichia Coli, Intestinal Enterococci, pH, Temperature, Turbidity, Visible Mineral Oil on Surface, Tarry Residues/ Floating Matter


Coastal Sewage Treatment Plant (STP) effluent:

Faecal Coliforms and Biochemical Oxygen Demand


  • Agricultural/Irrigation Water

We can collect and test water destined for field irrigation or aquaponics (hydroponics and aquaculture) for the most common water quality microbiological indicators such as Total Coliforms, Faecal Coliforms and Escherichia Coli.

  • Ballast Water Monitoring

We assist with ballast water management as per Regulation D-2 “Ballast Water Performance Standard” and offer water quality parameters such as: Escherichia Coli, Intestinal Enterococci

Water Quality Monitoring

  • We are internationally accredited to perform an array of the most critical microbiological tests for monitoring water quality, in accordance with recognized methods inclusive of the Standard Methods for the Examination of Water and Wastewater (SMEWW).


  • We design monitoring programmes with Quality Assurance/ Quality Control (QA QC) measures to satisfy holding times specific to microbiological tests and to meet your delivery time requirements.


  • Our personnel are trained in Water Sampling Procedures including aseptic techniques, sample storage and preservation to maintain the integrity of your samples.


  • We provide complimentary Sampling Kits (includes clean and sterile vessels, labels, gloves, Chain of Custody forms and Instructions) to Clients desirous of collecting the samples themselves and delivering to our Laboratory for analysis.

Microbiological Indoor Air Quality Management

  • We are the leaders in airborne mold and bacteria assessments, proudly serving both private (residential) and commercial sectors, including compressed air

Our Specialized services include:

  • Inspections

Our personnel are trained to identify sources of microbes and factors contributing to their growth, including available moisture and humidity.

  • Sample collection

Our Laboratory is equipped with the calibrated and well-maintained samplers.

We can collect different types of samples including surface, air and bulk.

  • Sample analysis

We are the only local laboratory that is internationally accredited to analyse air samples for fungal spores and identify mold from surface samples.

Other services include detection of bacteria, pathogens associated with pigeon, bat and rat infestations and allergens (dust mites)

We offer customized assessments based on your needs inclusive of:

  • Baseline Assessments
  • Rapid On-site Clearance testing
  • Pre- and Post- Remediation Assessments
  • Clearance testing for occupancy/re-occupancy
  • Environmental Monitoring Programmes (EMP)
  • Compressed Air monitoring
  • Sewage Contamination Assessments
  • Consultancy

Our personnel are Certified Mold Consultants able to provide you with solutions to your mold contamination issues.

Characterization of Microorganisms

  • CARIRI’s Environmental Microbiology Laboratory is equipped with a rapid microbial identification system: BIOLOG OmniLog. This system uses Metabolic Fingerprinting technology with combined database including over 2650 species of aerobic bacteria, anaerobic bacteria, filamentous fungi and yeast.
  • Virtually any sample matrix can be analyzed
    • g. raw materials, food products, potable water, recreational water (marine and freshwater), beverage, soil, sludge, surfaces, air, chemicals, wastewater/effluent, dust, etc. 
  • Powerful Tool used for
    • Proactive screening
    • Characterizing unknown biological matter
    • Tracing sources of contamination throughout critical areas of a process line
    • In depth investigation of high total bacterial and fungal counts
    • Detection of objectionable microbes

Going beyond the limitations of traditional microbial indicators

Biodegradation Testing

  • CARIRI’s Environmental Microbiology Laboratory is recognized by the Ministry of Energy and Energy Affairs. Test reports are used by Chemical Manufacturers, Chemical Suppliers and End Users who are mandated by the MEEA to have oilfield chemicals tested/validated as part of the oilfield chemical approval
  • Services offered:
    • Ready Biodegradation (Closed Bottle test): Internationally Accredited to analyze water-soluble oilfield chemicals based on guidelines from the Organization for Economic Cooperation and development (OECD)
    • Bacteria Profiling and Pathogen Screening of chemicals containing microbes (e.g. used for bioremediation)
  • Range of chemicals tested:
    • Degreasers, emulsifiers, coagulants, flocculants, dispersants, biocides, corrosion inhibitors, scale inhibitors, cooling water treatments, water clarifiers, boiler water treatment, foam control agents, detergents, etc

Fuel Contamination Assessment

  • We can assist with the detection of bacterial and fungal contamination in liquid fuel, based on ASTM D6469-20 “Standard Guide for Microbial Contamination in Fuels and Fuel Systems”.
  • Assessments are used to:
    • Proactively monitor to determine early signs of tank and pipeline rupture, water infiltration and biofilm development.
    • Verify tank and pipeline cleaning and maintenance.

Microbial Induced Corrosion Testing

  • We can help you identify biological corrosion and failures due to biological agents.


  • Services offered include detection of:
    • Algae
    • Sulphur Reducing Bacteria (SRB)
    • Slime Forming Bacteria (SLYM)
    • Iron Related Bacteria (IRB)
    • Acid Producing Bacteria (APB)


  • We offer customized training packages on basic microbiology techniques and quality assurance/quality control requirements:
    • Field sample collection techniques
    • Reference culture management
    • Aseptic techniques
    • Culturing, enrichment and isolation techniques
    • Gram staining
    • Media preparation
    • Sterilization and Disinfection
    • Health and Safety
    • Effective documentation
    • Preparation for Audits
  • Training can be conducted at our Laboratory, your Facility or Online.

Research Development and Innovation

  • Not seeing a service of interest listed here? The Environmental Microbiology is outfitted with an array of standard as well as cutting edge equipment for microbiological applications:
    • Rapid Microbial Identification System (BIOLOG OmniLog)
    • Incubators, Shakers and Water baths
    • Microscopes
    • MicroTox
    • Air samplers
    • Water distillation apparatus
    • Biological Safety Cabinets
    • Autoclave
  • We can develop methods and assist with sourcing and acquisition of items required.

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