The Caribbean Industrial Research Institute (CARIRI) and the Intellectual Property Office (IPO) have teamed up to host ‘The Intellectual Property Clinic’. The first of its kind in Trinidad and Tobago, The Intellectual Property Clinic will seek to bridge the gaps in knowledge, provide a competent base to gather information and allow you to understand your rights.

The IPO Clinic takes the form of an individual consultation and is scheduled for the first Thursday of every month at the Centre for Enterprise Development (CED), Innovation Avenue Freeport. Once a month, you have the opportunity to meet with an IP Officer for a 30-minute period. The IP Officer will be able to assist you within this time period with any questions you may have about your intellectual property (ideas/products/inventions/innovations) and how you can go about securing it. The sessions are completely confidential and are free of charge.

Some of the things the IPO Clinic seeks to address are Information on the protection of IP using Intellectual Property Rights (IPR): Patents, Utility Models, Trademarks, Industrial Designs, Integrated Circuits, Trade Secrets, etc; education, information and training in IP; assistance in the commercialization of IP; and support with IP issues in the Business Plan among others.

The first clinic was conducted on Thursday 5th February 2015, with an impressive response. One of the participants from the clinic, Mr. Derron Sandy said that he was grateful and satisfied with the knowledge that was imparted to him. He is in the business of Creative Arts and was particularly interested in the copyrighting of ideas, drafts and prototypes. He is currently in partnership with another person and is seeking to diminish potential conflict. He is thankful for being a participant in the IPO Clinic and the advice that he was able to receive. Another participant, Mr. Jordon Miller is in the business of Research and Development and was thankful for the Clinic as well. Both participants stated that they would recommend the programme to their business colleagues as well.

The Clinic is expected to continue over the next few months and anyone who is interested in setting up their own consultation with an IP Officer can contact CARIRI at 299-0209 ext 2403 or via email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or register online at

CARIRI CED Indigenous Innovative Fiery Foods Festival 2015 Winners

Caribbean Industrial Research Institute (CARIRI) Centre for Enterprise Development (CED) held its first Indigenous Innovative Fiery Foods Festival on the 25 April 2015, Ato Boldon Stadium, Couva. The Competitors included a mix of Food Processors, Entrepreneurs, Hobbyists, Chefs, Street Food Artisans and Housewives, who presented their creativity in various forms of Condiments, Beverages, Snacks, Appetizers, Sides and Deserts at the Festival. A total of one hundred and four (104) creative dishes were submitted to vie for the top prize of Twenty-five Thousand Dollars ($25,000.00) and Five thousand Dollars ($ 5000.00) worth of CARIRI Services.

The competitors utilized the festival as a platform to channel their creative genius, raise awareness, build enthusiasm, display and network diverse foods and products. At CARIRI we foster innovation by offering technical advice and consultancy to assist and support companies to implement their creativity. In our world at CARIRI, innovation is simply, creativity being implemented.

About the Winners

The winners in the chef and food processors categories are as follows:

Winners – Chef Category:

1.Most Innovative Food:
1st Place: (Spicy chocolate avocado mousse with pepper topping)
2nd Place (Tie): (Pepper Buss Up Burger Wrap)

2nd Place (Tie): (Spicy Chicken Kiev)

2.Most Innovative Plating:
1st Place: (Spicy chocolate avocado mousse with pepper topping)
2nd Place: (Chicken)

3.Hottest/Best tasting Food:fiery foods
1st Place: (Spicy chocolate avocado mousse with pepper topping)
2nd Place: (Pepper Buss Up Burger Wrap)

4.Best Use of Indigenous Ingredients:
1st Place: (Spicy chocolate avocado mousse with pepper topping)
2nd Place: (Tilapia Twist)

5.Overall Winner:
1st Place: (Spicy chocolate avocado mousse with pepper topping)

Winners – Food Processors Category:

1.Most Innovative Product:
First Place- (Frozen Gluten)
Second place- (Sapodilla Chutney)

2.Most Innovative Packaging:
First Place- (Frozen Gluten)
Second place- (Pepper Mouth Ball)

3.Best Use of Indigenous Ingredients:
First Place- (Pepper Mouth Ball)
Second place- (Hot Mari)

4.Most Commercially Viable Product:
First Place- (Matouk’s Scorpion Pepper Sauce)
Second place- (Matouk’s Pepper Jelly)

5.Hottest/Best Tasting Product:
First Place- (Fire Vingrette)
Second place- (Matouk’s Scorpion Pepper Sauce)

6.Overall Winner: (Fire Vingrette)

About the Prizes

The prizes included a combination of cash and the opportunity to access the CARIRI Food Technology and Product Development Services. Over the next 10 months CARIRI Food Technologists/Food Safety Auditors will work with the winners hand-in-hand, developing a framework and implementing the necessary requirements that will enable their products to move closer to the stage of commercialisation.
About CARIRI Food Technology Services & Caribbean Food Safety Centre.

The CARIRI Food Technology Unit assists clients with solving food safety problems, developing formulations to guide them with commercialising their product. They also work with clients to ensure that their company and their products meet international quality standards. Offering them hands-on-training and they can be assured that they will have everything they need to successfully market their product.
The Caribbean Food Safety Centre (CFSC) is an initiative of CARIRI in response to the identified need to create greater awareness and improve food safety management practices in the Caribbean. The Centre works with other agencies locally, regionally and internationally, in a collaborative effort to improve the food industry and align the Caribbean region to the competitive international arena.

Contact us today:
Location: UWI Campus, St. Augustine
Telephone: (868) 299-0210
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


The Caribbean Industrial Research Institute (CARIRI) and CANTO signed a memorandum of understanding on Wednesday 3rd September 2014 to work together to strengthen the region’s ability to develop, promote and commercialise mobile applications.

Both institutions have a shared interest in increasing awareness regarding global and regional internet related challenges and governance; the promotion of regional mobile app development; the building of regional technical expertise through mentoring and training; and the sharing of knowledge and data on best practices to assist in the development ofmobile apps programming.  It is against this backdrop that the MOU commits the two institutions to sharing knowledge and expertise related to mobile application development in Trinidad and Tobago as well as across the region. 

CEO of CARIRI, Mr Liaquat Ali Shah and Secretary General of CANTO, Ms Regenie Fraser were both on hand to sign the MOU for this new and innovative relationship which will benefit the region significantly. 

At Freeport, CARIRI has the Centre for Enterprise Development which houses its own mCentre.  The mCentre is a mobile applications lab which offers testing services to app developers to ensure that their apps are optimised and ready for commercialisation.  CANTO has successfully held a mobile app competition for the last 3 years called iCreate and with this partnership, can now take the developers forward to reach their full commercialisation potential.

CARIRI and CANTO are making leaps and bounds in driving innovation and creating a space for people with mobile app ideas to develop them.  CARIRI has been recognized as the leader in the field of consultancy, innovation and testing for over 44 years, while CANTO is recognized as the leading trade association of the ICT sector for shaping information and communication in the Caribbean.  This is the perfect time for a partnership such as this as Trinidad and Tobago and the region gear up to start making inroads into the competitive world of mobile apps. 


The Caribbean Industrial Research Institute (CARIRI) hosted its first ever App Club event “From Mind to Market” in August 2014 at The Centre for Enterprise Development (CED) compound located at Innovation Avenue, Freeport.

The event, which was open exclusively to members of CARIRI’s new App Club, featured a wide range of presenters who encouraged the attendees to pursue their app idea and app development goals.

Ashley Mitchell, Managing Director of Enterprise Hub Limited, kicked off the programme with a riveting discussion on promoting your mobile app.  He drew on his international experience as he intrigued the audience with how they should look at the market.

Shaun Gianetti is considered to be the biggest “Appreneur” in Trinidad as he has 44 applications in the iTunes Appstore, 4 in GooglePlay and 4 in, and 25 games in development.  He educated the audience on the feasibility and profitability of “gaming” apps which is the hottest app segment right now. His valuable tips of the trade ranged from where to get background music for your app to how much to charge for it. His parting advice was, “Don’t expect a million dollars with your first app!! Give yourself time to get it wrong before you emotionally invest in your app.  Your first app might not make you a million dollars and neither will the second, but keep growing and developing and never give up because you never know which app will make you profitable. “

Marc Buekenhout of Digicel, one of our partners emphasized how big apps are right now. He elaborated on how Digicel is committed to supporting the app industry by preloading apps onto Digicel smart phones, mass messaging of the latest news to handsets and also prioritizing which apps to showcase.

Vinni Jones from Microsoft Trinidad and Tobago wrapped up the event by showcasing ways in which Microsoft can aid and promote app ideas and development.

The app club was launched in June of 2014, with the sole purpose of supporting and developing an app community where existing and potential mobile app developers can exchange ideas and collaborate on innovative solutions. CED and CARIRI are making leaps and bounds in driving innovation and creating a space for people with ideas to develop them.