The Business of Goat Milk
26 Apr 2016 14:10

Launching any business locally, and in particular, a food business is no easy feat. One based on goa [ ... ]

Examining an Invention – the case of the Selfie St...
26 Apr 2016 14:03

Is it new? Does it work to solve a new or existing problem? Can it be sold? Have you noticed a grou [ ... ]


Completion of Cycle Six CARIRI Business Hatchery ProgrammeCompletion of Cycle Six CARIRI Business Hatchery P...
20 Jul 2016 17:25

On July 16th 2016, a diverse group of entrepreneurs and business start-ups completed the CARIRI Busi [ ... ]

New Service Alert from CARIRINew Service Alert from CARIRI
07 Jul 2016 18:03

On Thursday 7th July 2016, the Caribbean Industrial Research Institute (CARIRI) launched a new initi [ ... ]