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CARIRI and exporTT sign MOU

With the aim of facilitating a greater awareness of programmes which will assist businesses to incorporate innovation into their processes, The Caribbean Industrial Research Institute…

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PitchIT Caribbean Challenge 3.0

St. Kitts – June 17, 2017: Tech start-ups from five Caribbean territories scored big at the PitchIT Caribbean Challenge mobile app entrepreneurship competition on June…

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Panimation: Launch of Panderica

At CARIRI our flagship development known as the Centre for Enterprise Development (CED) is aimed at facilitating not only Research, Development and Innovation capacity building…

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CARIRI AR/VR Challenge

On Wednesday 20th February, 2019, The Caribbean Industrial Research Institute (CARIRI) and the Inter-American Institute for Cooperation on Agriculture (IICA) signed a General Technical Cooperation Agreement at CARIRI’s Head Office in St. Augustine. Cognizant of their key roles and responsibilities in the overall development of the region; this agreement seeks to provide a unique environment for…

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Energy Drinks – How Safe Are They?

It is no secret that for many Trinbagonians Carnival means fete, fete and more fete. Some persons have gladly taken on the challenge of feteing every night (and sometimes days) in the weeks leading up to the ultimate ‘free-up’ – Carnival Monday and Tuesday. For some Carnival revellers, energy drinks are a ‘must have’, as…

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Business Hatchery Programme

Launched in July 2014, CARIRI’s Business Hatchery continues to transform start-ups through its signature Business Hatchery Programme. Targeted to start-ups and early stage entrepreneurs seeking to test the market viability of their product, service or technology solution, our Business Hatchery team has worked with over 70 start-ups and 100 founders. For the busy entrepreneur, our…

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Getting your Idea to Market

Before you spend a lot of time creating a product or service, it is important to know whether anyone will want to buy it and if there is a need for it. The first step therefore to getting your product to market is conducting market research. Do products that are similar to your idea exist?…

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