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The Caribbean Industrial Research Institute’s (CARIRI’s) Industrial Materials Unit (IMU) – Civil held its first workshop for the year on Wednesday 24th January, 2018 at…

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Mobile Revolution

The market for mobile applications is already extensive and it exhibits no evidence of slowing down. Currently, there are over 10 billion mobile devices with Internet access that are expected to be in use by the end of 2015. As such, the app-building industry needs to grow to match the demand being achieved. Since the…

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Promoting Cost Effective Healthcare Services Through The Use Of mHealth Apps

Mobile health or mHealth is the use of mobile information and communications technology,most commonly mobile phones, to improve health. There are now over 6 billion mobile phonesubscriptions globally, allowing health care services and practitioners to penetrate even the mostremote rural areas of developing countries. mHealth has the potential to make an impact at two levels:…

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