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Why Is Calibration So Important ?

Calibration quantifies the risk associated with a measurement. It provides a user with an unbroken chain between the instrument in use, and its corresponding SI unit. Calibration also evaluates how an instrument drifts from the true value with time; thereby providing a means of determining if a device is stable or approaching the end of…

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Calibration – What is it? Who needs it?

You have just bought a new thermometer to measure the temperature of a solution you prepare for clients. The solution needs to be a specific temperature and you assume that the new thermometer you bought gives an accurate measurement. However, there is a possibility that this thermometer gives an incorrect measurement, or is “off” by one…

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Chocolate for Valentine’s Day?

We all know the type of cravings chocolate bestows upon us, the indescribable taste it exudes and the feelings it evokes.  Chocolate was, and still is, considered to be the food of the Gods. The ancient Aztecs reserved it for the royalty.  ‘So we are all royalty when we eat chocolate!’ Chocolate in its purest…

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