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HACCP in My Food Business – Why Bother?

Companies that are growing and expanding into new markets will face this question at some point in time.  Most start-up food businesses do not even consider the implementation of HACCP in the initial stages of their operations.  Start-up business owners are at that time generally focused on marketing their business in order to reach potential…

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The Value of a Business Hatchery Programme

he euphoria and excitement associated with launching and growing a small business venture are often whittled away by manifold challenges including partnership pitfalls, financial resources, poor problem definition and market misalignment. Other contributory factors include timing, passion without purpose (or vice versa), (unyielding) regulatory context and even a founder’s characterization, risk appetite or personal proclivities.…

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Corrosion of reinforcing steel bars in concrete

Before being placed in a formwork, steel reinforcement may become rusted, because it was initially exposed to the atmosphere. When freshly-mixed concrete is placed around this steel, the mixing water penetrates through the rust pores, where it gradually forms hydrated calcium ferrite (4.CaO. Fe2 O3 13H2 O). Moreover, this water reacts with steel and forms…

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