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The Idea Advisory Service (IAS) provides the opportunity to all citizens of Trinidad and Tobago to get assistance in the development of their idea from conception to commercialisation. The IAS is funded over the next three years by the IDB (Inter-American Development Bank) and CARIRI, and aims to support both firms and individuals. Applicants can expect to benefit from workshops and seminars and gain valuable assistance in determining proof of novelty, protection of idea, market demand for the idea and the development of pretotypes

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Hear from some of our previous participants

“The IAS has brought my business idea from proof of concept to a tangible innovation product. It also helped me to understand and see the potential of my product.”

Brian Benoit Company: Panimation

“Everyone has ideas. Most people have no clue about how to take their ideas to the next step. I have been able to gain advice not only how to act on my idea, Twigs Naturals but assistance in how to protect the intellectual property and develop more through innovation. ”

Nigel Jordan Company: Twigs Naturals
“The IAS team has been very professional and accommodating. I appreciate that their focus is not only on product development but the individual as well. They guided me through the Business Hatchery Programme which made me grow as an inventor and entrepreneur, this has allowed me to see a clearer path to bring my product to market. The programme has allowed me to network with key mentors, who together with the IAS team will further assist with the licensing of the product.”
Janelle Nelson Inventor and Entrepeneur

“Entrepreneurship can feel like a lonely journey but entrepreneurs don’t need to travel this journey alone. One of the greatest experience is the one on one session with experts who helped me to brainstorm all possible scenarios aka Murphy’s law. In entrepreneurship, Murphy’s law ( what can go wrong will go wrong) is common as the law of gravity but having CARIRI as a partner entrepreneurs can defy the law of gravity and soar to their fullest potential.”

Kevin Sinanan Company: YFumble

“As a creative, one of the most difficult hurdles for me has been shifting roles to the business side of running a studio. From project management to staying on track with the development of my prototypes, patiently working with me on the fundamentals of a business plan and figuring out my value proposition, to assessing the local market opportunities and brainstorming entry strategies to get my IP on a global stage, the Cariri IAS team been at my side every step of this journey. I am grateful for the guidance provided by the IAS team that has helped me to move my business forward.”

Jeunane Alkins Company: Everything Slight Pepper

“When you don’t know what you don’t know, the IAS opens your mind to possibilities!”

Neil Beekie Inventor

“Being a member of CARIRI’s IAS has allowed for invaluable mentorship and also access to knowledge gain and sharing, inclusive of the many facets of intellectual property and also export. The IAS, together with the Business Hatchery Programme has helped to not just truly put me into the entrepreneurial mindset, but it also provided the tools to ensure that better and more sound business decisions are made.”

Regina King Company: King’s Specialties

“CARIRI helped me think my idea through more thoroughly, and gave me useful suggestions and tips on the actual process of launching a business.”

Tremayne Durham Inventor & Entrepeneur

“CARIRI’s Idea Advisory Service (IAS) has been instrumental in converting my dream into a reality. The IAS has provided me with the resources I needed to cultivate my idea and has shown me that entrepreneurship is now a way of life.” – Misty Hamilton | My Tropical ABCs

Misty HamidAuthor | My Tropical ABCs
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