Are you ready to build your reality and change the game in your favour?

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First Place: Up to $40,000 (TTD) to complete your AR/VR Solution

Other Prizes: $20,000(TTD) in devices


Of the Challenge

  • You need to design an AR/VR solution that can be used or implemented in any sector/field, etc.  No limit on its application, however, it must be unique and innovative.   

  • Submission must be your own original concept or design. 

  • Teams must be made up of no more than 4 persons.  Individuals may also enter.  

  • Multiple submissions will be accepted.

  • If the team wants to build on / improve an existing AR/VR solution, that can be accepted. However, simply changing the description or submission of someone else’s solution is not acceptable and that team/individual will be immediately terminated from the Challenge.

  • The proposed solution must not have been commercialized previously (it should not already be in the public domain).

  • Employees of CARIRI, IDB and AMCHAM (and members of its Digital Transformation Committee) and their immediate family members or persons living in the same households of such employees, whether or not related, are not eligible to enter the Challenge.

Who Should Apply

  • Any citizen of Trinidad and Tobago over the age of 18 years.  
  • You should have experience using or General Interest in AR/VR, XR, or other emerging and immersive technologies. 
  • You should have the passion, energy and drive to see your idea become a reality.

Why Should You Apply

The AR/VR Challenge is your opportunity to get involved, showcase your idea, make a name for yourself in the local AR/VR community and even commercialize your idea (either you start your own business or you license your idea). 

You will have the opportunity to see your idea come to life, gain some media exposure to kickstart your career and make valuable beneficial connections. But most importantly, this is your chance to present your idea and see it commercialized.  Your idea could change the world!

Judging Process


  • The following judging criteria to be applied to the Challenge:
    1. Impact (20%)
      • How much impact (quality and quantity) could the solution have on the market?
      • Can the solution be applied to solve a problem?
    2. Innovation (20%)
      • How creative/innovative is the solution?
      • Does it already exist in another part of the world?
    3. Commercialization Strategy (20%)
      • Has the solution’s commercial value been established?
    4. Sustainability (10%)
      • Does the solution have commercial potential/value?
      • Can it be used over a long period of time?
    5. Solution (10%)
      • How user-friendly is the solution?
    6. Level of development (10%)
      • Is the solution already in development or beyond the concept phase?*
    7. Does the proposal provide a solution for any of the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and/or the Pandemic? (10%)
      • Does it provide a practical solution?

    *Additional points will be awarded for solutions already in development.

Challenge Timeline

  • 2-Nov-30 Nov 2020

    Applications Open

    Submissions are open for all applicants

  • 14 Dec 2020

    1st Screening Stage

    Ten (10) Applicants will be shortlisted and asked to do a 5-minute presentation to the judges

    14 Dec 2020

  • 18 Dec 2020

    2nd Screening Stage

    The top 5 applicants will be notified and will be given 1 month to finalize their pretotype (pretotyping is a way to test a product idea quickly and inexpensively by creating an extremely simple version of the solution.  The purpose and intent of creating a pretotype is to validate the idea before putting in time and money building an actual “prototype”).

  • 18th January

    Deadline for Final 5 Submissions

    Submission of the 5 AR/VR solutions. Milestones included for its completion

    18th January

  • 18-19 January 2021

    Period of Evaluation (Judges)

    Evaluation by Judges (applicants should be available to answer questions by the Judging panel if necessary)

  • 19th February 2021

    Prize Giving Ceremony

    19th February 2021