stuffed-turkeyFood plays a significant role in many celebrations.  Stuffed turkey is a tradition at Christmas time and for our North American friends turkey is Thanksgiving.

It is always important to follow safe food-handling practices to prevent harmful bacteria from spreading and causing foodborne illness because cooking a home stuffed turkey can be somewhat riskier than cooking one not stuffed.  If the stuffing is not cooked and handled properly, food borne illness can occur.

christmas-cookiesOne of the treats of the holiday season is “testing” cookie dough before it is baked.  But, eating cookie dough that contains raw eggs could turn a fun time into a miserable experience.

Raw eggs sometimes contain salmonella enteritidis, a bacteria that can make people very sick.

It is recommended that people do not eat raw or undercooked eggs yolks, egg whites or any product containing them.  This also includes homemade eggnog, ice cream and mayonnaise, some other holiday favourites.