October 15th 2016 at the CARIRI-Centre of Enterprise Development, Freeport


On October 15th 2016, the CARIRI Business Hatchery held its Cycle #7B Fulfilment Ceremony. Lead Consultant Mrs. Sherese Chee Mook thanked the graduates for the time and effort they committed. She further stated that they were able to build the ladder while climbing.

A past graduate, Mr. Kevan Sinanan who is the owner of Yfumble said that the programme helped him improve his confidence level and he can now pitch to investors. He advised graduates to always have a plan B and don’t give up when your product is initially rejected. He advised them to look at a different market and tweek the product. He mentioned how he created a video about his product even before he had developed a prototype.

The graduates all agreed that the programme has been instrumental in guiding them in building and understanding their target market needs more clearly. They are more confident about the product and service they offer and their next step is clear in their mind.

The business hatchery signature programme will be continuing its trust to helping entrepreneurs; start-ups and small businesses build better businesses.


Upcoming programmes are:

- BH Launch It event – 29 October 2016 and December 10 2016

- Accounting and Finance 3 Day workshop - 3rd November 2016

- Preparing Winning Business Proposal & Plans 2 Day Workshop - 26 November 2016.

Log on and learn more http://www.cedcariri.com/index.php/hatchery


First Row - Jeremiah Cruickshank, Muriel Cooper, Tamia Griffith, Ashley Mitchell, Kevan Sinanan, Melissa Biral, Sherese Chee Mook

Second Row - Ricardo Sullivan, Rebakah Dass, Zakiya Penn, Arnold Babwah, Donna Phillips, David Flemming, Benjinus Okoli, Kent Vieira.


Congratulations to the graduates of Cycle #7B CARIRI’s Business Hatchery Programme!