On July 16th 2016, a diverse group of entrepreneurs and business start-ups completed the CARIRI Business Hatchery Programme. The graduates all agreed that the knowledge gained from the programme will enhance the viability of their respective businesses.  They also expressed that they had a clear vision of their next steps and how to move their businesses forward.

One graduate, Ms. Colleen Cameron who is the owner of Caribbean Concoctions described her journey from where she was, before she enrolled into the programme to where she is now:  “I ran a hectic, but not very profitable business.  I wanted to take my business to the next level.  Is this business really viable?  I signed up for the three (3) month programme and through its intensive market research fundamentals, mentorship and coaching I now have a clear vision to where and how to take my business forward.”  She also mentioned that her next step will be exploring exporting possibilities, new packaging and product development.

A number of graduates showed similar interest in the areas of: packaging, product development and getting into export markets.  CARIRI through its innovation have already designed a complementary programme: “The CARIRI Business Hatchery Food and Beverage Programme” to address these specific areas and it is currently scheduled to start as early as October 2016.

Present at the graduation was CARIRI’s Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Liaquat Ali Shah. In his address he encouraged the graduates: “I would like to see each and every graduate continue their journey towards building better businesses. Aim for the stars and even if you did not achieve your goal on the first attempt, the true test is to pick up and try until you succeed.  Execution of business ideas and initiatives is a function of time and it is important as entrepreneurs to differentiate their products and services and through this innovation is how they will be able to impact the business world.  Service Quality is a key element in the formula for sustainability”.  Mr. Shah reminded graduates that the overall objective of the Centre of Enterprise Development (CED) is to create opportunities for Entrepreneurs.


First row – Ms Melissa Birbal, Business Development Officer, CARIRI;  Ms. Regina King, King’s Specialty; Ms. Maria Seecharan, Maria's Taste Delights; Mrs. Nigel Jordan, Twigs Naturals; Ms. Lisa Benjamin, Intervention Strategies.  Second row- Ms. Colleen Cameron, Caribbean Concoctions; Mr. Arnold Babwah, BH Programme Consultant; Mr. Ashley Mitchell Programme Consultant; Ms.Celise Patrick Alfred – TBA; Mr Liaquat Ali- Shah, Chief Executive Officer, CARIRI.

Congratulation to the graduates of Cycle 6 CARIRI’s Business Hatchery Programme!

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