CARIRI's Corporate Quality Policy

CARIRI is committed to the delivery of quality technological services which meet or exceed the agreed requirements, expectations and needs of its clients.

We shall maintain:
-A cadre of skilled and competent staff
-A positive work environment which encourages employee participation and teamwork
-ISO 9001:2008 Certification
-Internationally recognised laboratory accreditation
-A proactive approach towards adding value, nurturing excellence in customer relationships and improving the quality of services


CARIRI's Laboratory Quality Policy

CARIRI is committed to ensuring that the Laboratories of the Institute provide high quality testing and calibration services, consistent with stated methods and good professional practices which fully satisfy the needs of customers, while enabling them to maintain a competitive advantage.

To this end, CARIRI is committed to ensuring that:

-its management system is effectively documented, implemented, maintained and continually improved, consistent with the requirements of ISO/IEC 17025:2005 that also meets the principles of  ISO 9001:2008

-all personnel involved in the testing and calibration activities have the resources to successfully implement the quality documentation and related policies and procedures

-all internal and external requirements for particular tests be adhered to, in a manner consistent with the organization's current objectives